Through Nascor Technologies, a wide range of SMS applications are available for many different purposes and sectors. Some examples of SMS technology in action include:


  • Advertising
  • Relationship marketing
    • Send out invitations
    • Distribute marketing information and facts
    • Develop high quality wireless mobile marketing campaigns
    • Enable clients to have the opportunity to communicate, interact and transact with their customers and employees across international borders, independent of operator or phone model


  • Real estate
    • Real estate buyer selects a property; system sends an immediate SMS messages to agents (globally) with estate's and buyer's info

Information/content delivery

  • Content can be "pushed" to recipients - members of a large or targeted audience
    • A recipient can have information pushed to them by their peers or their own selected content:
      • News headlines
      • Sports scores
      • Stock quotes
      • Personal messages including tasks/to-do lists
      • As a member of a target group, receive related updates and notifications

Monitoring and alerts

  • Linking SMS to existing alert systems that send emails
    • ie. Server monitoring

Other business applications

  • Reselling SMS to consumers
    • Nascor Technologies SMS API
      • Allow clients to automatically purchase and resell SMS credits
  • Billing information updates
  • Global internal organizational staff/member communications (local and field communications)
  • Sales and service
    • Immediate communication
    • Sale notifications - can offer special rates to SMS recipients
    • Sales and service leads
    • Competitive advantage
    • No long distance charges
    • Retailer information push to clients
      • New locations
      • Business hours
      • Special sales
  • Schools, colleges and universities notifications
    • class cancellations
    • attendance/late notices
    • assignment changes
  • Trade show floor communication
  • Communicating with a geographically diverse sales team
  • Timely sharing of information with travellers, including ticketing information
  • Relaying information to a broad network of volunteers

Humanitarian organizations:

Given an area struck by hardship, war, plague, and disease where regular communications (telephones, email) are not available, a humanitarian organization can push updates to its field workers regarding medicine shipment information, positions of invading forces, and weather information.

Financial institutions:

Banks or other financial institutions can push timely information about stock prices or interest rates to clients.