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What's black and white and read all over? Check out to find out! sends local deals and information via mobile text messaging to its subscribers, and links advertisers to a targeted demographic audience.
Subscription is free to text message recipients, who are also eligible to win free prizes, just for receiving text messages!
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Customized content management solutions that allow you to share information and ideas ľ instantly. Features include discussion forums, document storage, strategic planning, and instant wireless notifications.
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Manage your contacts, categorize them by groups, and deliver mobile marketing campaigns and messages to friends, clients, and colleagues on over more than 500 global wireless networks. Manage calendar information, and centralize your wireless communication management by importing calendar and contact entries from virtually any mangement system.
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tsuite MZ

Got an itch to give your mobile phone an edge? Turn your mobile handset into a video game or music juke box! Customize your ring tones and logos, and personalize your mobile screens by uploading your own pictures directly to your phone!
tsuite MZ allows you to download ring-tones and logos, and play mobile games against other mobile users!

tsuite INFUSE

tsuite INFUSE satisfies the need to integrate existing applications or Web sites with mobile communication. In a few minutes, clients can seamlessly empower their on-the-road sales force, colleagues, or clients with SMS notifications and alerts, directly from existing Web sites, or applications.
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Simplify and organize by creating lists that can be sorted, prioritized, and accessed from home, office, or anywhere in the world. Use as a stand-alone product or integrate it with your tsuite calendar!
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