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eScratchpad simplifies, categorizes - and makes your information available to you any place, any time.

Create lists. Each tab holds a titled list of items. Start a "to do" list for work, a grocery list for home, and a wish list for Santa.

Sort items. Items can be ordered by several different fields including date and importance - just click on the column you want to sort by.

Highlight items. Flag the really important items so you can't forget about them. Highlight favourites or the most urgent items on your lists.

Send lists. Send lists and reminders to yourself or to a friend - anywhere. eScratchpad sends your lists by email or straight to a cellular phone.

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Do I Need e-Scratchpad?

  • I have completely wallpapered the perimeter of my computer monitor with sticky-notes.
  • I need a place to "park" my ideas while I'm working on a different project.
  • I send myself emails during the day as reminders.
  • I have a dozen lists on the go at all times - grocery lists, "to do" lists, phone calls to return, reminders…
  • I leave messages on my own voicemail so I don't forget things.
  • I have all my brilliant "work ideas" at home… and all insight into my "real life" comes to me at work. I need a way to access these inspired scribbles from either place.

Create lists.

Finished and unfinished lists

eScratchpad is the perfect alternative to piles of sticky notes and half-filled notebooks. Store all your ideas in one place, and create a separate tab for each list - and when you've completed something, one click shows it as completed, or deletes it from your screen.

Create a list for:

  • "To do" items at work
  • Your grocery list
  • Phone calls to return
  • Your holiday wish list
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Internet links you want to keep and access from anywhere
  • Name each list to keep track of it's contents for easy organization
  • Or anything else you need to keep track of

Start a list by…

Simply create a new list name in the setup area, and a new list tab appears on your eScratchpad.

Add an item by…

Adding your text to right on your eScratchpad. Once submitted, it is added to the current list in use.

Delete an item by…

Select one or several items to delete. Select the Delete action.

Delete a list by…

Simply remove the list name in the settings area. After confirming its removal, all items are deleted from that list, and the list is removed from your eScratchpad.

Sort items.

List Sorting

The key to keeping it all together? Prioritizing. Keep the urgent items at the top of your list - and top of mind - by enabling eScratchpad's sorting functions.

Sort your lists by:

  • Due date
  • Date created
  • Alphabetically

Sort your lists by clicking on the heading of the column you want to sort by. Click on another column heading to change your sorting results, customize your sorting preference for each different list. Clicking on a list tab sorts by the item's entered date.

Highlight items.

Highlighting List Items

Don't miss out on what's truly important. eScratchpad offers a way to ensure the most urgent items on your lists don't escape your notice. Enable the highlighting function to add a flag to the items you need to remember.

Highlight items in your lists:

  • Upcoming deadlines
  • Urgent "to do" items
  • Action items
  • Your top ideas
  • Or anything else that you need to remember

Highlight an item by selecting the box in the right hand column, then click on the highlighter button. You can also highlight multiple items by selecting more than one box before enabling the highlighter action.

Turn off the highlighting function on an item by selecting one or more boxes, and clicking on the highlighter action. You can select multiple items which are either highlighted, or not. The highlighter action will toggle the highlighting function on selected list items.

Send lists.

Need a reminder or a list on the go? eScratchpad offers ultimate convenience by giving you three ways to access the information you've created from work, at home, or on the road. You can also send a list to a friend by email or cellular phone.

Access your eScratchpad lists online by logging in at

Send your list to your own cellular phone, or to a friend - by integrating eScratchpad with your own free contact management list. By selecting the recipients from the list, you can send your eScratchpad list to more than one person.

eScratchpad cellular services are available to all devices covered under our international wireless network coverage.