Young entrepreneur expands product line, grabs attention of international conference organizers

Nascor Technologies was making waves at this year's Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 18 and 19. The company's big news? A new product called "tsuite" that offers mobile contact management and data solutions for individuals and organizations.

This innovative product allows users to manage their events calendar and contacts, categorize them by groups, and deliver messages on more than 500 global wireless networks.

On a small scale, tsuite allows individuals the freedom to centralize their contact data, organize their contacts by groups, and send text-based messages to friends around the world.

On a larger scale, tsuite clients who choose to take advantage of the Professional Upgrade have access to a message merge function that allows for bulk messaging with personalized fields -- ideal for advertising campaigns or notification messages. Contact information from a variety of sources (including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Act!, Goldmine, and others) can be easily imported into one centralized database.

Integrating tsuite's functionality with existing web sites or applications is a breeze! Real estate agents (or people that require instant notifications) who use instant notifications have better turn-over rates, and can stay in contact with their clients on a more immediate level. Instant notifications containing an interested client's information about a particular house can be sent immediately from a web-site form, eliminating the need for the agent to check their email for new leads.

The developers of tsuite are constantly working to improve the product, based on their clients' needs. Soon, members from all over the world will be able to use the PROExport function to send online contact and calendar details to their handsets.

What makes tsuite unique from other similar products on the market today is that tsuite is a pay-as-you-go service. Unlike other services, where users are charged directly on their phone bills for "premium SMS" delivery services, at a cost that is more than tsuite's delivery charges are, members can purchase incrementally cheaper services by volume, and budget accordingly, ensuring run-away usage does not occur.

Because "premium SMS" generates a billing event with the network carrier, similar to a "900" number, a special charge is added to the user's bill, where per-message fees could total several dollars. In this way, users do not need to pre-pay, but are charged more, whereas a pre-paid "standard SMS" service is more like a making a local phone call, costing only a few cents per message.

And progressive clients aren't the only ones who are noticing. Nascor Technologies' president Baden R. de Bari has been asked to present at next year's Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo to be held in Toronto, and quoted in the 2005 HP World Wireless and Mobile Forum invitation.

"This year's event had a broad range of manufacturers, suppliers, and developers from virtually every corner of the WIFI, Wireless and Mobile spectrum. It was exciting to hear that Nascor Technologies was considered as a presenter for next year's event! It shows that we are getting noticed, not just locally, but internationally," said de Bari.

"Nokia and industry analysts forecast that total global handset sales for 2005 will reach between 700 and 740 million units []. Considering the pervasiveness of cellular phones, and what it is that the client is really looking for, raw data, our business model has centered around this fact. If we look at how WML (an HTML version for cellular handsets) hasn't really enjoyed the same market penetration as simple SMS, we can see that this case holds true - if it's about information, the client wants to get it as simply and as clean as possible. That's what we do."

The 2005 Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo, organized by WowGao, is the global meeting place for the rapidly expanding wireless and mobile industry, attracting key decision-makers who learn about and purchase the latest products and solutions offered by innovative technology vendors and service providers. For more information, please visit

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