About Nascor Technologies


Due to our highly experience staff, high level of work ethic, and value we place on customer service, we have had the privilege of developing new applications and repairing existing ones for our clients.

Below you will find references to some of our work, and a brief comment about each piece.


RxForPets is a Canadian online pharmacy supplying discount prescription medications for livestock, pets, and other farm animals.

Nascor Technologies designed and implemented the database-driven ASP.NET and SQL Server application that gave RxForPets' clients a robust searching features to find medication-related information.

VetMedsRx is a discount pharmacy for animals, which includes domestic pets, livestock and other farm animals.

Nascor Technologies was able to stabilize an existing ASP.NET and SQL Server database application and added a robust medication search feature.

West End Biz (WEB) is an organization that supports and helps Winnipeg's 'West-End' to build upon the strengths, traditions and cultures of the there-by enhancing and supporting business interests, and establishing lasting working relationships with their member organizations.

Nascor Technologies has had the priviledge of performing extensive software repair for WEB's online portal, and developed new application functionalities for Mambo.

"Thanks a lot for the quick response to our issues. You helped us configure the website to exactly the way the client requested. Great job!"

Digitech Marketing Inc. is a robust marketing firm that provides services such as copywriting, branding, CD and mini-CD authoring, and web and graphic design.

We have been an active part of Digitech's business process in creating and maintaining applications for their clients.

"Our customer service is a very important factor in our success. Helping us take our clients to the next level with your expertise was superb!"

LJ Baron Realty has been a leading real-estate service provider since 1963.

We developed a repair solution for their online mortgage calculator.

"Thanks for the help in implementing our mortgage calculator!"

The Winnipeg Library Foundation, Inc. is an independent philanthropic organization designed to cultivate support and raise funds for innovative, major projects of the Winnipeg Public Library.

We were called in to do some back-end work on the Winnipeg Public Library's website for the new Millennium Library.

"Great work on the new site. The backend works great!"